Sophie Carter-Kahn
May 25, 2015 8:00 am
It can be hard to imagine that somebody at an older stage of life was once just like you. So, there’s no better way to understand somebody than to take a walk in their shoes — or, as these teens found, in their shoes and uniforms and hats and glasses.’s Past Picture Perfect campaign asks us to do just that, honoring our elders by recreating an image from their past. In honor of Memorial Day, these teens responded to the call by recreating photos of loved ones in their lives who served or are serving in active duty. Some of these teens chose to research family members who they never got to meet in person, and ended up feeling closer to their family history, while others chose to show their pride for their close relatives. All of the pics are so adorable, and a great way to connect with someone older and honor their contribution.
Emma, 16, recreated a photo of her Italian grandfather, or “nonno,” who served in the Korean war and died before she was born. She says, “My nonno and I were a lot alike. We both loved music, jokes, and family, but most importantly we both loved making people smile. This campaign was a great way to learn even more about my nonno as more than just a person but as a soldier. And I’m so blessed that I can say that he was mine even though I never got the pleasure of knowing him.”

Nicole, 17, says, “I recreated a photo of Lieutenant Phil Hawkins (my teacher’s grandfather).  He served in Japan, the Berlin Crisis, and the U.S. Air Force!”
Miriam, 19, asked her brother (currently in JROTC) to recreate a photo of her grandfather. She says, “I have only heard about my grandfather, I have never actually physically seen him. Three weeks ago I went to my grandmother’s house and she showed me the picture of him. He was a veteran of World War II and Korean War for the United States Army.”

Taylor, 17 , says, “I already had a strong appreciation for my Grandpa’s bravery, but now I have an even deeper appreciation for having to wear that suit! ;)” We think you both look great, Taylor!
Kristen, 19, says, “My Dad was just one year older than me in this picture, which is totally insane because of how much we look similar and that he was already in the air national guards. Also I fit in his original uniform (Awesome)!  He was a strong master sergeant and also still is a strong father.”
Check out more of the Past Picture Perfect campaign here. If you want to participate in other ways, you can make thank you cards for the troops at Smiles for Soldiers or share a soldier’s experience at  Soldier Statements.
Happy Memorial Day, Gigglers!
(All images via DoSomething.)