This teen’s duet with Jessie J went viral and we totally understand why

Have you ever dreamed of singing a duet with your favorite superstar? What about having that duet go totally viral all over the world? And then having your own talent discovered by big-time agents? Well, as wild as it sounds, this is not some crazy daydream. All of this actually happened to 18-year-old Tom Bleasby!

The teen from Leeds, England posted a video of himself performing a virtual duet with pop powerhouse Jessie J that is taking the world by storm. The English megastar recorded a karaoke version of her new song “Flashlight” using the app Smule’s Sing Karaoke app. The app leaves space for fans to record themselves duet along with Jessie J. And no offense to Jessie J, but we think Tom totally stole the spotlight. Tom posted the video of his duet to Facebook on May 23 and it has racked up over 9 million views. Why all the hype? Watch Tom’s video below and see for yourself. (Warning: be prepared for chills.)

This kid has pipes! And we’re not the only people who think so. After Tom shared his amazing voice with the world, people sat up and listened. Jessie J shared the gorgeous duet on her Facebook, and now it looks like Tom might be starting a career of his own. Big music producers and record labels have approached Tom about pursuing a singing career. Another totally unbelievable part of this fairytale? Tom has never taken singing lessons! Talk about being a natural.

Tom told Teen Vogue that he was “so overwhelmed with the kind words from everyone.” We think Tom deserves all the praise that’s coming his way, and can’t wait to see what he does next. Now it’s time for us to  sit down and record about a hundred videos of us singing and hope we discovered by Jessie J. BRB.

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