Rachel Paige
June 29, 2015 2:34 pm

MTV’s Teen Wolf is going to be SO BIG this year that it needs not one but TWO nights to kick off its fifth season. That’s right, the fun in Beacon Hills starts on Monday night, and then spills over into Tuesday. Are you guys ready? Considering the intense trailers MTV has rolled out for this new season, I hope Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, and everyone else are ready, too.

If you really can’t wait until tonight to sink your teeth into new episodes, never fear: Here are some of the best Teen Wolf spoilers that the Internet has gifted us ahead of the premiere. Spoiler warning (obvi), if you want to be delightfully scared heading into these brand new episodes.

No one is safe

Teen Wolf is teasing one big thing: death. Lots of it. “Plenty of it,” is the exact quote that showrunner and executive producer Jeff Davis told The Hollywood Reporter. “Plenty of bodies drop this season in horrifying ways.” So, we’ve got that to look forward to, huh?

Scott and Stiles bromance might be on the rocks

“One of the things we wanted to do most in this season was test their friendship in a way we’ve never done before,” Davis continued to THR, “We kind of consider [them] a romance — a bromance. In all good romances, you have to have them break up at some point, so there may be the possibility of a breakup between Stiles and Scott.”

Scott also has to prove that he’s a leader

Scott’s ability to lead the pack will be tested, and Tyler Posey (who plays Scott) is excited about that. “Scott gets broken down. This storyline this season has been one of my favorites because Scott completely gets broken down and his world’s completely flipped upside down and he hasn’t been that vulnerable, in such a dark place, since season 1,” Posey told Entertainment Weekly. “Scott gets put in a really bad place that we haven’t seen, if ever, in a while.”

Oh, quick, one word to describe the season, Posey?

“Gory,” is Posey’s official description to EW. “I feel like [this season] is the goriest.” Also something to look forward to.

Lydia is already in trouble

The nice people over at MTV have released the first five minutes of the premiere episode. What do they show? First up, we’re back at Eichen House, and someone else is there, too: Lydia. She whips out some pretty impressive Banshee moves, but it’s still not enough to get out of there. Also, what the heck is she doing there, anyway?

There’s also a surprise for Lydia — and us! — too

For real, huge spoiler warning: Aiden’s back. Last we saw him, he was he was dead. WELL, now he’s back, and who knows for how long, or what trouble he’s bringing with him to Lydia. If the people behind Teen Wolf have it their way, he’ll stick around for more than just this first episode.

Also, this is all a flashback

If this is already too much for you to process, well, there’s more. While you might be freaking out about Lydia in Eichen House, and the surprise appearance of Aiden, all of this miiiiiight be easily explained. As Davis told TVLine, “all of [season] 5A is a flashback.” We’ll then catch back up to real time for the start of 5B, which will hopefully explain everything (we’ll need a lot of explanations).

New villains come to town

Their name is already giving us chills: the Dread Doctors. “This season is really about dread. The dread of the villains. The dread of the unknown,” executive producer Russell Mulcahy explained at the ATX Festival earlier this month. Not only that, these new baddies have a real life influence. According to executive producer Jeff Davis, their based on human experiments during WWII, and are like, “scientists who worship the supernatural.” Eek. The Dread Doctors will also “evolve,” so expect them to stick around for more than just season five.

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