Sammy Nickalls
Updated February 17, 2016

New Hampshire sisters Addy and Emma Nozell may not be old enough to vote, but they’re probably more invested in the 2016 presidential election than pretty much everyone. Not only have they been keeping *super* informed and spending their days off going to political events, but they’ve managed to snag a selfie with almost every presidential candidate. You know, NBD.

The sisters, who have been documenting their efforts on Twitter, have grown up with politics being an important part of their life in their family. “We don’t go on vacations to Disney World and things like that, we just go to the local political stuff,” Emma told BuzzFeed.

Back in July, the sisters got a selfie with Chris Christie, and they decided to challenge themselves to get as many selfies as they could.

No candidate has said no — although some, like Rick Perry, had to ask what exactly a selfie was. They’ve got one with Rick Santorum. . .

Hillary Clinton. . .

Ted Cruz. . .

Marco Rubio. . .

Jeb Bush. . .

. . . and Bernie Sanders, to name a few.

In fact, the only one they didn’t manage to get was with Jim Webb, who dropped out of the race before they managed to snap a selfie. Addy’s absolute fave candidate/photo op was Martin O’Malley, because he was “very happy and outgoing,” she told BuzzFeed.

However, Emma’s fave was Donald Trump, because “that’s just amazing to get.”

According to Business Insider, the girls have become so well-known that some of the candidates’ campaigns have been contacting them to make sure their candidate doesn’t get left out — such as John Kasich, whose campaign staff invited them to a private dinner for supporters.

But which candidate will they be supporting, even if they can’t vote? Hillary Clinton is their *official* endorsement. Although the girls don’t plan on going into politics in the future, they think it’s an incredibly important process to be involved with.

“No matter what age you are [they are] going to be your president, so you should know what they say and think,” Emma told BuzzFeed.