Bullying is never okay, but it happens far too often. That’s why Huntington Beach, CA teen Cody Pine decided to take action when he saw someone at school slapping and punching a classmate who is partially blind. As the student was getting slapped around, Cody came running over and knocked the bully to the ground.

Let’s be clear: It’s never okay to fight fire with fire, but Cody claims his actions came from a good place. He told Huntington Beach Independent:

The Huntington Beach Union High School District, where all this drama unfolded, released a statement shortly after the incident firmly expressing their anti-bullying stance:

The bully was arrested, but Cody will not face charges. In fact, state Assemblyman Travis Allen is co-authoring an Assembly resolution “to honor his bravery and selflessness.”

His classmates are equally in awe, with one student telling CBS Los Angeles:

What’s important is that this event has raised awareness about the fact that bullying is (unfortunately) still very much a problem in schools today. With the power of the Internet, we can make sure that everyone is doing their best to make sure learning is always a safe space.

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