Christina Wolfgram
May 13, 2015 12:00 pm

Vanity Fair shared the most amazing picture of Jennifer Lawrence and Willow Shields posing as their Hunger Games counterparts on Instagram. In The Sister Portrait by Tim Palen, Katniss, dressed in full-out battle gear, stands protectively behind Prim, wearing what looks like a factory uniform. The two stare into the near, yet distant future (the film doesn’t come out until November 20th, so maybe that’s it), Katniss focusing on the horizon and Prim staring eerily into the camera. It’s like a cross between a royal painting and a family Christmas card.

The Sister Portrait will be included in Palen’s new book, Photographs from the Hunger Games. The 260-page book comes out on June 29th, and is available for pre-order here —this site also has more teasers from the book. There’s a close-up of Effie Trinket’s incredible hair, headdress, and eye make-up (where does one get cobalt blue lace eyelashes?), as well as more epic portraits of Katniss channeling Napoleon. Plus, there are some really interesting pictures of extras from different districts, showing the details of their costumes and how they represent their way of life, i.e. a freaking awesome tire pants, presumably from District 3.
Before I can get my hands on the book, I’m thinking about maybe printing out The Sister Potrait, maybe blowing it up so it’s sort of life-size. Maybe finding a solid gold frame for it. Normal fan stuff, nothing extravagant.

The final installment of the Hunger Games is highly anticipated (by me). Katniss and Prim have already been through so much (the “I volunteer as tribute scene” always brings a tear or five to my eye), and their relationship will have to endure yet another giant battle with the Capital. Thinking about the next movie already has me like, #sistergoals.

(Images via here, here, and here.)