Kathryn Lindsay
August 09, 2015 12:02 pm

They say the chance of getting struck by lighting in your life is 1 in 12,000, but what happened to this couple must be 1 in 12,000,000. High school couple Dylan Corliss and Lexie Varga were out doing what any of us would do on a summer night with our significant other: getting burgers. As they were walking hand-in-hand, lighting struck, and their PDA might be what saved them.

Corliss explained the feeling:

Aside from the shock (I had to say it!), the two emerged from the ordeal unscathed, except for some minor bruising and chest pain. But how? Doctors are speculating that their hand-holding allowed the current to disperse throughout their two bodies, meaning the impact wasn’t as strong. Whatever happened, the high school sweethearts, who are celebrating their sixth-month anniversary this weekend, are extremely lucky.

After the moment passed, they didn’t rush to the hospital or call for help. They kept walking, and they ate their burgers. Then, they texted their parents. “Hey, Lexie and I got hit by lightning,” Corliss told his mother.

“Please tell me that’s an expression,” she replied.

Luckily, they were taken to urgent care soon after, where they were declared to be in perfectly sound health.

“We were very fortunate,” said Lori Varga, Lexie’s mom. “It’s the kind of thing you can’t wrap your mind around.”

If this was a movie, the couple would start developing superpowers, but since this is real life, I’ll settle for just the power to charge phones.

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