Christina Wolfgram
Updated Aug 18, 2015 @ 11:37 am

If Tumblr was The Wizard of Oz, Taylor Swift would totally be Glinda, floating around the Internet inside a beautiful bubblegum pink bubble, giving directions to wayward girls navigating the Yellow Brick Road (of life), and shutting down cackling green haters. And – really working the extended metaphor here – if Tumblr was The Wizard of Oz, then Tumblr Headquarters would be the Emerald City and David Karp, Tumblr’s founder and CEO, would be the Wizard. So, what happens when a good witch and a wizard meet?

Magic, of course.

Recently, the two twenty-something world-changers hung out after Taylor’s 1989 concert in Santa Clara, California. Taylor shared – on Tumblr, appropriately – that meeting David was, “everything I ever dreamed it would be.” David invented Tumblr’s short-form blogging platform in 2007, but in the past year, Taylor has perfected it. Their conversation must have been more amazing than any GIF ever made.

Tumblr shared a photo of a poster that Taylor autographed for David. It has a special message, written in all-caps (so possibly shouting in excitement): “David Karp Creator of Tumblr a.k.a. My World.” It’s true! Tumblr is pretty much Taylor’s kingdom. She’s used the site to personally reach out to fans, and even shared in interviews last year that she stalked super fans on Tumblr before deciding which ones to invite to her secret album listening parties.

Knowing he would see Taylor Swift in person (rather than on the World Wide Web), David made a seriously awesome wardrobe choice.

He wore a bright yellow shirt decorated with the words, “no it’s becky,” which is a call-back to a viral Tumblr post where a blogger tried to pass a photo of a teenage T-Swift off as their friend Becky. That post is probably what got Taylor interested in Tumblr in the first place, so David’s shirt is a kind of hilarious tribute to her foray into Tumblring.

Taylor clearly got the joke; she signed David’s t-shirt, “NO, it’s Taylor.” David shared a photo of his newest prized possession, captioning it with, “Yes I’m still wearing it.” Honestly, if I were David, I would never take that shirt off. At least until people started complaining about the stench.

(Image via here.)