Last week, seven-year-old Dylan Barnes appeared on The Ellen Show to reenact a viral YouTube video that made him an overnight Internet star. The Facebook video showed him dancing the fiercest dance ever to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” Not only is Dylan an amazing mover and shaker, he’s also an adorable talk show guest. On Ellen, he rocked a bow tie and discussed the inspiration for his choreography very astutely for someone who has been alive for less than a decade.

Dylan told Ellen that he’s taken dance classes since he was five, and sometimes has a hard time finding a room in the house where no one is watching TV and distracting him from feeling the music. When it comes to performing, he doesn’t do much rehearsing. His talent seems to pour out naturally. “I don’t really, like, practice it,” he told Ellen. “I normally just make it up during the dance, so I never really go in my living room and start practicing.”

Um, so this is off the cuff? Ah. Maze. Ing.

I wouldn’t even be able to do this if I practiced every day for a year!

Ellen was so impressed by Dylan’s skills that she gave him tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert. By the end of the night, Dylan was not only backstage, but dancing with the queen of shaking it off herself! Taylor shared a video of their encounter on Instagram, and it’s pretty much perfect. Dylan does a series of professional pirouettes and a casual handstand while Taylor vogues in the background.

Somebody please call Dancing With the Stars. These two could totally win next season.

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