taylor swift president

The first Taylor Swift song I ever listened to was “You Belong With Me,” and I instantly fell in love with her music and overall adorableness. As the years went on, everyone would flip back and forth between loving her and dissing her, depending on what was the coolest thing to do at the moment. I would roll my eyes and go back to my Taylor Swift playlist. The week before my freshman year, my sister and I listened to “Fifteen” together and ate ice cream. When my brother-in-law surprised my sister with tickets to the 1989 World Tour for their anniversary, she started crying. “Shake it Off” is basically our mantra. We’re hardcore Swifties, TBH.

So now that you know a little bit more about how awesome and influential T-Swift is, and why I love her so much, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that I would totally vote for her if she ran for President of the United States. Not convinced? Let me explain. Here’s why I think she should absolutely conquer politics after music, and become Madam President Swift:

She’s incredibly diplomatic.

Taylor Swift is best friends with pretty much everyone from, Emma Stone to the U.S. Women’s Soccer team. People tend to love her because she’s charming, intelligent, confident, and warm. With so many friends in her ever-growing #Squad, she clearly hits it off with whoever she meets. Not to mention she has super-cool British friends (we’re looking at you, Ed and Cara). Now just imagine her going to concerts and having brunch with the Ed, Cara, and the Queen of England. International diplomacy would be a piece of cake for Taylor.

She’s smart, savvy, and a successful entrepreneur. Taylor Swift released her first album when she was 16 years old. I’m 16 and worried about Monday’s bio test. Taylor has proven she can take on anything. She’s really involved in philanthropy and helping others.

Taylor Swift wants to give back to society, and society could definitely use the support. Taylor has an amazing heart and is kind to everyone. She is a known supporter of, Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Stand up to Cancer, Children in Need, Music for Relief, and a plethora of other non-profits.

She’s a feminist.

And honestly, feminism needs a little more representation in D.C. right now. I don’t want my future daughter to be making 77 cents to the dollar.

She’s great at networking.

Her squad is #friendshipgoals and could totally change America. I mean, imagine Jennifer Lawrence as Vice President and Zendaya as Secretary of Defense. Think about all of the amazing fundraisers, movements, and speeches that would come from some of the most successful and influential minds of this century encouraging America to be aware and start working to save the world.

She’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

Taylor does not back down from a challenge, and certainly did not back down from Apple Music when she found out she and her fellow artists would not be receiving the compensation they deserved for their hard work. So double points to T-Swizzle for speaking up and showing she knows her stuff.

She’s supportive of others.

Some people resort to muckraking and dirty tricks to win elections (and in life). But not Tay, she’s amazing enough to play nice AND be that super awesome person who will be genuinely happy for others’ accomplishments, and not be secretly jealous. Haters gonna hate, but Taylor’s gonna shake it off — and keep supporting her besties.

She cares deeply about her fans.

Taylor Swift loves her fans more than almost any other celebrity. Between helping them get to her concerts, inviting them to hang out with her, giving incredibly generous donations, and just being there when someone needs her, all of her fans would agree that she really loves and cares about them. Last I checked, it is really awesome to have a caring president.

She cares about education and has made it a point to donate money to schools.

My school has a little under 2,000 students and only three guidance counselors. Pair that with the budget cuts and dress codes that get in the way of learning, and you could say America’s education system is lacking. So yeah, when someone cares about our schools, it tends to grab my attention.

Honestly, Taylor Swift is one of the kindest, most generous souls to walk the planet, and an inspiration to all of the Swifties out there. She’s my personal role model, and I hope to be even half as amazing as she is. I also hope for a president who’s even half as amazing as she is.

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