Kathryn Lindsay
September 09, 2015 11:58 am

Queen Elizabeth II may be the longest reining UK monarch, but has she ever been the Queen of Instagram? Just five days after Kim Kardashian was crowned the most popular user on the picture-based social media app (with 45 million followers and counting!), Taylor Swift came along to bump her off the top spot with an astounding 45.5 million fans checking in on her every filtered move.

When the happy news first broke for Kim on September 2, it was a big deal. I mean, she passed people like Selena Gomez and even Beyonce! It was such a crazy feat that she posted a photo to thank her fans.

However, Kim’s Insta reign didn’t last long. Excited Swifties are already commenting on the post to break the news of her de-throning to let it be known to the world that Taylor has taken the top spot. On Tay’s Instagram, fans are giving her nothing but love, with messages like: “Omg u got e highest number of followers on instagram now😍 congratz Taylor swift😘.” Kim K is great, but it’s easy to see why Taylor’s account is so popular. I mean, take a look at these adorable instas:

Taylor has yet to personally acknowledge the feat, but I’m sure we can expect an amazing picture in celebration — or maybe even an amazing song!

(Images via Instagram.)