Taylor Swift is a total, unapologetic cat lady and we love her even more for it. Her cats are basically like humans to her (and to us, let’s be real), but one of them has started to resemble a creature from Frozen. Yep, Olivia Benson (aka Swift’s younger cat, named after the Law & Order: SVU detective) is basically Olaf from Frozen and it is awesome.

If you’re expecting pictures of a cute kitten Halloween costume below, check your expectations. When Taylor says Olivia is starting to look like Olaf, she means in every day life. You might be thinking this is ridiculous and Taylor’s cat does NOT look like a snowman — but she kind of does.

Just think about it for a minute: Olivia is white, she blends in with her surroundings (as snowmen do in snow) and she sometimes looks like she’s fake when she sits still, which snowmen do, duh. So what sparked this comparison to the amazing Frozen character? Taylor posted a pic of her cute kitty with a hilarious caption, that’s what!

“With every passing day, Olivia looks less like a cat and more like a melting snowman,” Taylor wrote on an adorable photo of Olivia for National Cat Day. When you look at this picture of Olivia, you can’t help but smile, which is exactly what happens when anyone looks at Olaf. In this hilarious pic, Taylor’s white cat looks a lot like a melting snowman, so props to Tay for coming up with this witty caption.

What makes Olivia more like Olaf is that she is totally lovable. Seriously, name one person that doesn’t love the Frozen character… it’s not possible. That’s the true reason why Tay’s cat and the snowman character are so similar. Plus, you just want to cuddle with both of them and love them unconditionally.

(Images via Instagram, via Disney)