Taylor Swift is like the Leslie Knope of treating her fans right. She always goes above and beyond for her Swifties, from hosting cool, backstage parties at pretty much every show for the most enthusiastic fans in her audience, to inviting fans into her actual house for an early listen of her new album.

Oh, and then there’s her famous holiday gift stunt, when she Internet-stalked her biggest fans and then sent them personalized gifts because Taylor Swift knows how to make someone’s life. This week, in honor of Valentine’s Day (or maybe just in honor of being a compassionate human being), Taylor answered a heartbroken fan’s Tumblr message with advice, love, kindness, and songs.

The fan, whose username “breakmelikeapromise” is a reference to one of Tay’s most epic breakup ballads, “All Too Well,” wrote to Tay describing a particularly bad breakup. Since Taylor could probably teach a PhD-level course in surviving a breakup, she sweetly replied (several times, actually) with support—and a musical cure—for her heartbroken fan.

Here’s a snippet: Tay ended the note with a personalized breakup playlist, which is probably the most perfect playlist for the occasion — except, of course, for the notable absence of any Taylor Swift songs. Check it out: Read the whole exchange here, but be warned: Your heart might actually melt.