Rachel Paige
November 25, 2015 9:58 am

What’s the logical thing to do when you’re turning 22 and also love Taylor Swift? Throw a rocking T-Swift themed party, of course, that fits into every category of BirthdayGoals, PartyGoals, and FriendGoals.

Stacey Springob, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, is a huge Swifty. And since you only turn 22 once, and can only officially feel 22 for 365 days, why not go all out with everything themed to one of our favorite Grammy winners and self-proclaimed cat lady?

“I am a huge fan of Taylor’s,” Springob explained to Seventeen.com. “I feel like I’ve grown up with her and as if she’s one of my friends because she’s so relatable.”​

So what did this Feelin’ 22 party entail? Springbob not only decorated with Polaroids, which is totally Taylor, but made Squad Badges of everyone in Swift’s crew for her own crew, too  — and there were bonus ones for Ellen DeGeneres and Ed Sheeran who aren’t featured in the “Bad Blood” music video, but should be (next time).

Food was all homemade by Springob herself, and the cupcakes for the party were decorated like cats. But not just any cats. Olivia Benson and Merida Grey, of course. Would those two kitties approve? Eh, maybe, because from what we’ve seen of them they kinda only like sleeping and staring off into the distance and ignoring Tay.

There were also applications to join Swift’s Squad. Let us know where we can pick one of these up.

And no Taylor-themed party would be complete without one of her awesome photo booths. Springob went all out with that aspect, hanging streamers along her back wall and gathering her whole crew in for the perfect shot.

It looks like the party was an amazing success. Happy birthday to Stacey, and congrats on throwing a party we could only imagine in our wildest dreams.

(Images via Facebook, Big Machine Records.)