Just like every other person with eyes, Selena Gomez thinks there should be more of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video. Those four minutes and five seconds of Tay and her kick-butt besties were beyond incredible – we would definitely watch a sequel. Plus, the video ended on a cliffhanger when bobbed bad guy Selena (Arsyn) and leather-clad Taylor (Catastrophe) met amid epic explosions to take part in the ultimate showdown. Selena agrees, there is a lot more story to cover.

Um, no pressure, but if Karlie Kloss isn’t available for the sequel, I know a certain Swiftie who would be more than happy to step in (me, it’s me). Maybe in the next installment, Arsyn realizes the error in her ways, apologizes to Catastrophe and then there is some dueting involved and – oh! – could there be some blow-up swans, because all of Taylor’s friends look really great on those. And why stop at music video sequel? This should a full-length movie! I smell Oscars!

Deep breath.

Selena also shared with VH1 that though she and Taylor play enemies in the “Bad Blood” video, she and the rest of the squad were close as ever on-set.

Judging from the fact that the current “Bad Blood” video has over 300 million views, I’m fairly confident that Selena and I aren’t the only ones who want this sequel to happen right now.

Is there a petition I can sign somewhere?

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