Emma Lord
Updated Apr 03, 2015 @ 1:39 pm

We’ve barely had enough time to digest our fangirl feels since the live-action Cinderella release and the announcement of Beauty and the Beast and Mulan remakes, but we’re all going to have to take a deep breath and hope that our hearts don’t explode at the most recent Disney adaptation: It turns out there is going to be a live-action, staged version of Tangled. That’s right — all your favorite characters will be singing, dancing, and smoldering on stage for the very first time. It isn’t a daydream you idly had while you brushed your hair in your locked up tower. It’s REAL.

The musical will be premiering on Disney Magic, one of the Disney cruise line ships that heads to the Bahamas. It starts on November 11th, so if there were ever a time to start booking your Thanksgiving break plans then it’s RIGHT NOW. Not only will fans get treated to the classic songs from the 2010 film (literally cannot hear “I See The Light” without a major snot fest), but the original composer and lyricist have teamed up to write three entirely new numbers. No word yet on who will belt out the new tunes, but fingers crossed that Mother Gothel and Pascal get the epic, sweeping duet that they always deserved.

I’m very curious how they’re going to stage the whole thing, particularly when you consider the tiny detail of the miles and miles of hair that’s going to be whipping around on stage. But I’m sure that the set is going to be just gorgeous if it’s based on what we saw in the original film. As for adapting the animals, we know that Maximus is going to be played by a giant puppet, but they haven’t yet revealed how Pascal is going to be cast. (In the meantime, I volunteer as tribute.)

Here’s to yet another awesome Disney adaptation on the way! Hopefully we just keep getting more and more until every Disney princess comes to life.

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