Harry Potter Sleevebucks

There’s a new way to make a Frappuccino even cooler, and it’s not with limited-edition birthday cake flavors or adding more ice. Instead, an artist is creating pop art on Starbucks’ cardboard sleeves, transforming the company’s iconic green mermaid into characters from Harry Potter, Disney movies like Frozen and Beauty and the Beast, and TV shows. With the hashtag #sleevebucks on Tumblr and Instagram, these doodles guarantee that you’ll never look at your coffee the same way again.

Not only is the artist “cheerfully doodling on your favorite caffeinated mermaid since 2014,” but each doodle comes with an awesome coffee pun. Check out some of our favorites below, from saved by the Belle (Beauty and the Beast) to Voldemort: the original Flat White (Harry Potter).

Frozen‘s Elsa

Star Trek‘s Spock

Harry Potter‘s Hermione

Benedict Cumberbatch

Iron Man

Snow White

Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle

(Image from here.)