Christina Wolfgram
May 21, 2015 12:45 pm

Attention anyone with a smart phone: Spotify is getting a makeover! Yesterday, the company revealed all of the many (many) new features that will be included in the platform’s next upgrade, and it’s gonna be cray. Basically, Spotify is now going to be a combination of YouTube, Hulu, and Pandora—with a hint of Nike.

Of course, the next generation of Spotify will still do what Spotify does best—play music—but now it will also support video content. Clips and episodes from networks like ESPN, Comedy Central, and Adult Swim will be available, but more importantly, Amy Poehler is hosting a series called “Dance Move of the Day.” That sounds nothing short of inspirational.

Users will be able to check in on world events through the platform’s new radio and podcast feature, which will integrate content from media giants like the BBC and original audio shows from Spotify like celebrity interviews and DJ playlists. Most of this content will only be available to Spotify Premium subscribers.

Don’t worry if you aren’t paying the $10 a month—two exciting features are going to be free to all users: Now recommendations and Spotify Running. Like it’s cousin, Pandora, Spotify will now start paying attention to what music you like the best and use your preferences to craft more personal playlists. The app will even note what time of day it is and pick music accordingly. For instance, if you usually listen to pump-up music first thing in the morning, Spotify will select what it thinks is great pump-up music if you’re using the app in the A.M. Wow!

Spotify Running is maybe the potentially feature on the upgrade. It tracks your movement while you work out (or, like me, walk from the living room to the kitchen and back) and curates a playlist based on the beat of the music. So, if you are out jogging leisurely, the app plays chill music. If you start getting chased by a bear (the only reason I will ever run), the app might start playing hip hop. You can clue Spotify into your preferences and it will learn from your suggestions.

These sweet additions should be showing up on iOS phones within the next day. Spotify hasn’t announced when they will be available on Android yet, but hopefully all smart phone users will have the perfect “getting chased by a bear” playlist in the near future.

(Images via here, here, and here.)