Lilian Min
Updated Jun 11, 2015 @ 12:03 pm

Welcome to This Week’s Playlist, where we look to current events for some melodic curation inspiration. Tune in every Friday for a mix of news, commentary, and of course, music.

The end of the school year is in sight, but it’s still not quiiiite there — though, you can just about taste summer in the air. With it are the promises of not being in a classroom while the sun is out; warm evenings and cool nights; reading for fun instead of for a 5-page essay on the parallels between To Kill a Mockingbird and Hamlet. It’s the seasonal dream, and it’s a beautiful thing.

For the new few weeks, you’re going to be scrambling around to get what seems like a million different projects done (bless all of you with big group projects due soon), as well as finals (and for a few unlucky hundred, the SAT). Consider this a friendly reminder: The world outside school, outside the Internet, outside the bubble that high school exists in, will be waiting for you after you come out of the other side, wherever you are in your journey forward. You’ve got this; now, take a break and unplug for a while with these soothing tunes.

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