Clare O'Mahoney
Updated March 20, 2015

Even if you’re the kind of person who absolutely loves high school, there are still bound to be moments during the high school experience when you feel like motivation has been flung out of the window and the future is a giant uncertainty that lingers in your worried mind. There are day when you don’t want to get out of bed to take an important test, or work on those five assignments you have to finish by the end of the week. High school can be hard and the struggle is real.

Well, sometimes all that you need to help get past these rough patches is a little inspiration in the form of music. Songs can spark encouragement and music is an extremely effective stress management tool. Here are 10 songs that will keep your head up while you walk the school halls:

The Script — “Superheroes”

When hard times arise, think to yourself: These are the moments that make you the strong person you are today. Whether you are having a rough time dealing with school work or just feeling down and out, remember: “Every day, every hour, turn this pain into power.” Never give in, no matter what comes your way, work hard and take failures as a sign that you can improve on your matters because that’s how “a superhero learns to fly,” from the courage to continue.

Haim — “Falling”

There are so many pressures associated with being a high school student. People may push you around and try to get you to stray from your intended path. During these times, you may feel like your “falling” into a dark hole but you must remain strong and “never give up.” You may be feeling the heat of societal pressures, but by never looking back, you won’t be burnt. Take every day as a new day with its hopes and invitations to great things.

Ivan and Alyosha — “The Fold”

There are going to be times during high school when it seems like the whole world is crashing down on your shoulders. During these times, you must remember to never “fold.” The uncertainty of the future and pressures of performing well in school are all part of the journey. The mountain may seem high and the rivers may rush wildly, but if you hold on, the ending will be what you always hoped for.

Of Monsters and Men — “Mountain Sound”

The last years of high school make you contemplate the entire future ahead of you. Though it may seem scary, and you’ll want to run “far away from all the trouble,” sometimes it is good to realize that it is time to move forward with your life. During the journey through high school, there will be times when you have to fight for your own beliefs and passions and in this sense, you are finding yourself. By moving on from past mistakes, you will be able to move forward in life.

Mat Kearney — “Chasing the Light”

Being young and full of life, you’ll want to explore your passions, and high school has a spectrum of activities. Whether you enjoy the arts, sciences or still have no clue what you’re interested in, there is always room for experimenting and finding what you love. You’re so young, you don’t have to have it all figured out. It will take a journey through “burning bridges” and “turning over leaves” until you truly know what you want to be.

Foster the People — “Coming of Age”

As you grow older and discover your passion and self-identity, you may find that you have a different perspective on life which may not be equal to that of the people around you. When you’re “coming of age,” it’s ok to move on from things that no longer have any positive impact on your life. It is all about making yourself the best person you can be, and sometimes that can only happen by parting from old ways.

The Temper Trap — “Sweet Disposition”

The memories you make during high school are everlasting. You will carry these throughout your life and they will be ingrained within your memory. Even though school can be dull, try to live each day to the fullest. There can never be enough laughter and dance among friends, and they can be the cure to a stressful mind. Try to grasp all “moments, laughs and dreams,” because those are the things you’re going to remember.

Ben Howard — “Keep Your Head Up”

When you go about each day, always remember to “keep your head up and heart strong.” High school can cause masses of stress on your mental and physical well-being. When this happens, keep you mind set and don’t deviate from your passions. There are people around you that will do whatever they can to help you pass through the stressful times in your life, be it friends, family or strangers you meet.

Mike Mains & The Branches — “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”

Sometimes it just takes a simple reminder that “everything’s gonna be alright.” Whatever happens to you now, be it that you failed a test you studied very hard for or your high school crush starting dating someone else, just remember at the end of the day you are going to be alright. Tomorrow is a new day with endless possibilities.

OneRepublic — “Marchin’ On”

The mistakes and failures you may have faced do not determine the value of your worth. You must march on with what you have to complete all the wonderful plans that you have set for yourself. Be proud of who you are and the challenges that you have faced. All these things that you come across during your busy high school life make your heart all that stronger, and help you discover who you are as a person.

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