Lilian Min
March 23, 2015 11:34 am

Welcome to This Week’s Playlist, where we look to current events for some melodic curation inspiration. Tune in every Monday for a mix of news, commentary, and of course, music.

This year’s brutal winter has finally come to a close (at least officially), and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s time to dust off your sandals and short sleeves, stock up on sunscreen, and fold away your scarves, gloves, and other “Wow I can see my breath” garments… at least, in theory. The truth is, while spring technically started last Friday, spring weather won’t be in full effect for a few more weeks.

That said, we’re so excited about the prospect of flower-filled breezes and open-toed shoes that we’re still going to celebrate. For that very occasion, I’ve put together a playlist with music that’s guaranteed to put a spring in your step. Grab your headphones and shuck off your shoes — it’s time for a dance party break, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing!

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