Lilian Min
March 16, 2015 10:15 am

Welcome to This Week’s Playlist, where we look to current events for some melodic curation inspiration. Tune in every Monday for a mix of news, commentary, and of course, music.

As Irish people around the world (or more likely, anybody who likes an excuse to celebrate) start putting the finishing touches to their St. Patrick’s Day plans, we’re thinking about how people celebrate the occasion. More than shamrocks or leprechauns, St. Paddy’s Day means green; you have to wear it for both luck and to avoid getting pinched, and while this used to only apply for people who are at least some parts Irish, it’s safe to say that the color has jumped the shark.

It’s got us thinking of another popular interpretation of green: Of “seeing green” with envy. So rather than listing a bunch of Celtic music, we’re channeling jealousy, in all of its anger, envy, and hurt, for this week’s roundup of tunes. Happy listening—and, as cathartic as these songs are, don’t take them (too) to heart!

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