Sophie Carter-Kahn
Updated Apr 21, 2015 @ 5:20 pm
anna bedhead

A hairy situation. Hair-raising. Let your hair down. Why are there so many idioms about hair? Because hair, especially long hair, is ALWAYS IN THE WAY. It’s on shower walls, it’s in your face, it’s in the face of whoever you’re trying to lean against when you watch a movie, it’s on the back of your coat. We have but few tools to use in our love/hate relationship with our locks, and hair-ties are a mixed bag at best. They leave annoying marks on your wrist and those marks kinda hurt, too. But not anymore! We’re currently OBSESSED with this adorbs bracelet, sold by genius entrepreneur Shireen Thor. Here’s the bracelet, alone, waiting for its other half. And here’s the bracelet, snugly cuddling up to a hair-tie. Aren’t they a beautiful pair? Who knew that all along, hair-ties were holding on to us so tightly just because they were looking for a home? With this adorable and functional bracelet, you’d never again have to worry about a hair-tie looking not-the-best with a carefully curated outfit. It looks as good with something a little dressy as it does with a casual workout look. Shireen, the creator of these bangles-with-a-benefit, explains the super cute story behind the name on the website: “When my husband surprised me with the bracelet he had it engraved with my name (Shireen Maria) in my mother’s native language, Persian. However, my Icelandic husband did not realize that Persian is written from right to left. When translated to English, “Maria Shireen” means “Bitter Sweet.”” BRB dying of cuteness. Shireen told HuffPo that “the bracelet was sparked out of love and creativity to solve a common problem for women.” I love that attitude and I’m hoping that it inspires some other genius gal to invent a way to get crumbs out of the bottom of your purse easily.

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