Lilian Min
Updated Apr 07, 2015 @ 2:10 pm

When Snapchat unveiled its latest update, users everywhere had one question: What do the new emojis mean? We’re not talking about the text-based emojis you can type and distort over photos, but instead little icons that suddenly appeared next to our friends’ names. Well, we have answers now, and also plenty of newfound friend group drama.

Snapchat doesn’t let you see users’ Best Friends anymore, though you can still see and easily snap to your own. Instead, the app is using emoji codes to designate not just your own most-snapped peeps, but how you rank within your friends’ interactions. As of now, there are six different emoji codes…

…and well, you can see how they might create some drama. If you don’t quite understand what they mean, let this helpful Beyoncé-centric infographic help:

While plenty of people are now (jokingly) blaming Snapchat for ruining their IRL friendships, the update is nothing but gold for the app itself: By adding such a buzzy feature, they’re deepening the importance of in-app relationships, and thus driving their own interaction up. With other big features like original programming on the horizon, that’s only good news for the little white ghost. As for whether or not this update is actually good for its users, that’s up for debate — and we’ll get to that, right after we finish comparing our emojis to those of our friends.

(Images via here, here, and here.)