Lilian Min
Updated May 29, 2015 @ 4:05 pm

Hey everyone, can we just take a collective moment of silence to remember the Selfie Olympics of January 2014? This informal movement critically elevated the art of the selfie, but in a world that had yet to embrace the selfie stick phenomenon, there was a real art to getting that perfect hands-free, self-staged shot.

Well, it’s time to level up on your selfie skills yet again: Introducing, Stuckonz. Despite its almost parody-approaching name, this tiny strip of adhesive will allow you to stick your phone on certain flat surfaces, allowing you to take your hands completely out of the selfie picture, or even use your phone’s features in totally different ways.

Stuckonz is basically a piece of double-sided tape that’s engineered to hold fast to your devices, meaning you stick it on your phone, peel off its back, and then place it on your surface of choice at the perfect angle for a flattering selfie:

Of course, you still have to click the camera to take the shot, but there are plenty of remote access apps out there that, when combined with the Stuckonz, will allow you to get the perfect setup and timing for an instantly “like”-able selfie.

But the Stuckonz doesn’t have to be used just for selfie-taking! Consider the following:

Use your camera as a mirror:

Use it to follow recipes/tutorials, but actually at eye level and without worrying about your phone falling off some precarious precipice:

You can even use it to prop up your tablets, if you, for some reason, need to do that (the creators advise using 2 or more Stuckonz):

The strips are reusable and removable, meaning you won’t have to constantly be restocking them. The team behind Stuckonz is currently raising funds on Indiegogo; snag them here and prepare to take your selfie skills to the next level.

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