Emma Lord
March 11, 2015 12:05 pm

I’m gonna have to take a quick break from shakin’ my groove thang around my apartment so I can tell you about the new Zedd dance party hit “I Want You To Know,” featuring Selena Gomez. I know we are all very busy taking care of our mounting Netflix queues during this seemingly endless winter, but this song is so rockin’ it’ll make you want to get up off the small you-shaped indent in the couch and hit up the club in the music video like you’re Selena herself.

I gotta say, after the former Disney star smacked us all straight in the solar plexus of our feels with the music video to “The Heart Wants What It Wants,” this song is a welcome departure of early summer fun. Zedd, the DJ and producer behind the track, was the mastermind behind the hit songs “Clarity” and “Break Free,” so we could already safely assume that this song was gonna kick butt. Still, when you consider the fact that he and Selena are rumored to be dating in real life, this video gets a little more ~steamy~.

The video features Selena dancing her heart out in a manner more reminiscent of the Spring Breakers movie than the Wizards of Waverly Place days, with Zedd in pursuit of her, always catching up to her and then missing her by a second. Only briefly do their eyes meet, and I did not have to endure an entire year of tenth grade chemistry to know that they’ve got it. The rest of the effects are so trippy that they basically look the way that Pop Rocks feel in your mouth.

If this song is any indication of how well these pair work as at team, then I heartily look forward to any other music that they are cooking up (and I am also secretly ‘shipping it like nobody’s business).

(Image from here).