Why ‘The Fosters’ same-sex kiss has fans super happy

Spoiler Alert: This article contains critical (and totally awesome) information about the most recent episode of ABC Family’s The Fosters.  Continue reading at your own risk.

The Fosters is straight up breaking the Internet. Of course, fans of the show know that it has always been pretty groundbreaking, The show centers on a lesbian couple working hard to parent their large family of biological, adopted, and foster children. But The Fosters doesn’t stop there. The show’s most recent episode featured what many are saying is the youngest same-sex kiss in the history of American television. Fans of the show are totally freaking out, but in the best way!

As any Fosters superfan knows, 13-year-old Jude Foster (played by the adorable Hayden Byerly) is the adopted son of Stef and Lena Foster. He’s the younger half-brother of Callie (Maia Mitchell) and passed through many different foster homes before his adoption. The show has recently focused on Jude’s strong friendship with his classmate Connor, who stood up for Jude when he was bullied at school. The two clearly share a strong connection.

However, it seems like these feelings might be more than just friendship. Jude becomes jealous when he discovers Connor wants to take a girl to the movies. Once at the movies with two girls, Connor ends up secretly holding Jude’s hand. Not to mention the camping trip incident, where no one is really sure exactly what happened inside the boys’ tent.

But in this week’s episode, “Now Hear This” The Fosters fandom finally got what they wanted — a #Jonner kiss! Jude finally confronted Connor about all his confusing behavior, and Connor leaned in and kissed him. And in the classic tradition of “will-they-or-won’t-they” TV couples, fans of the show were insanely happy when they’re two faves finally locked lips. We’re not kidding, these Fosters blew up Twitter with #Jonner celebration. And to make things even cuter, the show’s creator and executive producer tweeted his response.

— Peter Paige (@ThePeterPaige) March 3, 2015

We’re so excited that The Fosters is making history and has created a storyline that so many people can relate to their own real-life experiences. We’re also dying to see what happens next in the #Jonner love story. The only bad thing about all of this? We have to wait an entire week for the next episode. Sigh.

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