Christina Wolfgram
Updated May 14, 2015 @ 5:23 pm

In February, Brody Criz invited all of us to his Bar Mitzvah to the tune of “Blurred Lines,” and the internet RSVP’d yes yes yes YES! Now, the thirteen-year-old is back, starring in a music video for “Made in Gold,” by Nova Rockafeller (you might recognize it from The Duff soundtrack). Let’s just say, he’s still got it.

The video shows Brody preparing for a “the party of the year decade century,” buying snacks, and along the way, beating up a group of skeezeballs who are making women uncomfortable. You know, like any modern gentleman who can see PG-13 movies by himself now.

Brody channels Scott Pilgrim vs. The World in slow-motion fight scenes, including one where he stands up for himself against a group of bullies at the gym. After showing them who’s boss (Brody. Brody is the boss), he lands a perfectly epic slam-dunk.

“If you know Brody, this is not a shocker, that he would do something like this,” Ali Criz, Brody’s mom, told The Chicago Tribune after his first video went viral. It sounds like being this entertaining comes naturally to him. At some points of the video, Brody is almost cartoon-like, and it’s fun to imagine that he’s like that in real life.

The new video also ends with an important lesson: parties solve everything. After Brody kicks some punks’ butts in a diner where they are terrorizing patrons, they show up to his party of the year decade century with the gang of skeezeballs and super rude basketball team. Luckily, instead of brawling, Brody, the bullies, and the party-goers battle it out on the dance-floor, clearly in a truce.

Basically, Brody is the pre-teen superhero we all wish we could be. While we might not throw any punches, we are definitely going to try some of his dance moves ASAP. Check out the full video here.

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