Christina Wolfgram
Updated Jul 20, 2015 @ 3:42 pm

A mere seven weeks ago, Kendall Jenner stole the world record for most-liked Instagram photo from her big sis, Kim. The champion pic shows the 19-year-old model laying on the floor in a stunning white lace dress with her long dark hair spun around her head into a crown of hearts. It’s absolutely beautiful and has been double-tapped over 2.9 million times (half a million more than the previously reigning photo of KimYe on their wedding day).

Behold, the most-liked Instagram photo:

It’s not unusual for the Jenner sisters to ignite new beauty trends (Kylie’s mermaid hair! That time Kendall had her eyebrows bleached for NYFW!), but Kendall’s popular pic has inspired something of an art movement. Girls are recreating her lovely hairstyle and posting the photos to Instagram using the hashtag #HeartHair. It’s like Valentine’s Day in July —and it’s truly lovely.

Turns out #HeartHair looks gorgeous on pretty much everyone. Look at these fabulous reinterpretations of the Ken-Jen photo.

Seriously, we can’t look away! Even the kids are doing it …

Is this girl laying on a fur rug? Oh my gosh, so cute, it’s unreal.

#HeartHair can even be a fun BFF activity.

When so many different people pose the same way, it highlights what makes them unique. Blue tips, dimples, a big smile: all of these photos are so incredibly beautiful in so many ways. If only there was a way to make #HeartHair a wearable do — maybe with some super-strength hair gel?

I’ll go try that and report back.

(Images via here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.)