Emma Lord
Updated Apr 08, 2015 @ 11:39 am

Say it isn’t so! According to anonymous sources close to the celeb duo, there are rumors circulating that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are on a break. Now, this is at least a step up from earlier rumors that they had totally split, but it’s still pretty devastating for anyone who ships their love with the same fangirl fervor as us.

The pair hasn’t been spotted together since this past January, when they adorably photo-bombed a fan’s picture of them in a coffee shop in New York, and everyone just assumed that the months apart were because of their busy careers. Emma was finishing up a run as Sally in Cabaret on Broadway, and Andrew is shooting the upcoming movie Silence in Taiwan, which is why he was noticeably absent from awards shows this season despite Emma’s Oscar nomination. Obviously nobody suspected that this adorable couple would ever grow apart, so we’ve all just been patiently waiting for the next adorable photo bomb to grace our dashboards.

Unfortunately, we may be waiting awhile. Although they haven’t broken up (repeat, HAVE NOT broken up — THERE IS HOPE), they are taking a break from each other. According to the sources, they remain friendly with each other, and nothing is set in stone yet. It would be such a shame to see these two part for good, which is exactly why we’re compiling a whole slew of reasons why they need to stay together, for the good of themselves and all of humanity:

1. They literally win at being celebrities together

Hey, remember when they walked out of that coffee shop holding up napkins with important causes written on them so they could use their fame for good? It was spunky and creative and, most of all, awesome. #RelationshipGoals.

2. They crack each other up like nobody’s business

I could spend a full 24 hours watching Emma and Andrew interact in interviews with each other. They have that kind of relationship where they feel totally uninhibited about making fun of each other, and the results are hilarious. The universe isn’t ready to give that up yet.

3. Their chemistry is like whoa

Maybe ten minutes into the first installment of The Amazing Spider-Man I was like, “Yeah, well, these two are meant to be together forever and ever.” The movie wasn’t just a showcase of their amazing acting skills, but a testament to the very palpable chemistry that they have. I honestly felt like I was intruding on their private lives every time I looked on the screen, but in a ridiculously-good-movie kind of way.

4. What about their puppy?!

I have no doubt that someone will take very good care of Ren, the dog they adopted together on Christmas Eve in 2012. But surely Ren will miss going out on walks with TWO humans to chase.

5. We ‘ship it too hard to let it go

OK, I know, I know. At the end of the day it only matters what Emma and Andrew feel in their hearts, but at the same time, ugh, we want this so badly. They’re like the cool upperclassmen couple we always wanted to be, and the feels that we have for them demand to be felt.

6. We will write a darn movie for them ourselves

They were SO HAPPY filming The Amazing Spider-Man together. If that’s all it takes, fine. I’ll write them a movie. Who’s with me?! I have no idea what the plot will be, but with these two, do we really even need one? Anything to keep them together will work.

7. They just seem so undeniably happy together, and we want them to stay happy

When I see pictures of them smiling at each other I’m pretty sure my heart will fall out of my chest. There is no doubt that long distance relationships are difficult, and theirs will probably be a little more rough now that there won’t be any more Spider-Man installments keeping them together, but I have so much faith in them. Fate will bring them back together. That, or the film script I’m aggressively writing and casting them in.


*drops mic*

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