Teri Wilson
Updated Mar 13, 2015 @ 10:28 am

For Women’s History Month, DoSomething.org is asking teens to show what it means to be a #RealPrincess, and the results are truly beautiful.

DoSomething.org, an organization for young people and social change, started the #RealPrincess campaign to encourage Disney to feature more strong female characters onscreen. While the life goal of a traditional Disney princess has seemed to be to marry a prince and live happily ever after, more recent Disney movies, like Brave and Frozen have been better about showing princesses as strong, independent heroines. DoSomething.org says, “Now we want to show support and push to increase this new trend by creating and sharing new characters who deserve the spotlight for their actions and minds, not just their dresses and hair color.”

On the campaign’s website, teens can sign up to join the #RealPrincess movement and use a template to create their own princesses and redefine royalty. So far, they’ve come up with such moving role models as a transgender princess fighting for equality, a robot-building princess who saves her city when it’s overtaken by aliens, a marine biologist princess who saves animals from global warming and pollution, a scientist princess who finds a cure for HIV/AIDS and cancer, and a princess born blind who becomes not a queen, but a king.

See for yourself! Here’s a peek at a few of the amazing #RealPrincesses they’ve created.

This is Princess Natasha Rose, who holds peaceful rallies and fights for a new bill to end discrimination on college campuses.

Get ready for your heart to melt into a puddle because here’s Princess Faith, who vows to never give up in her fight against cancer because “life is beautiful and I am blessed to live in such a beautiful world.”

Three cheers for Princess Programmer AJ, who vows to make the world a better place through special uses of technology! Not only does her robot save the world, but it also has the ability to translate all languages, so humans and aliens can actually speak to one another. Because talking to an alien would be pretty awesome.

Princess Asha is struggling against the custom of arranged marriage so she can go to medical school and become a doctor. Go, girl!

This is brave Princess Liliana Torres, a geospatial engineer for the US Navy. She restores a failed shipboard computer, saving countless lives.

Princess Jess Montur creates lifesaving robots from junkyard parts. After her hometown is hit by a hurricane, they locate survivors and help rebuild the city.

This amazing princess is transgender. Her special superpowers are kindness, helping others and fighting for equality for the trans community.

And last is Princess Melissa, the backup quarterback who finally gets her moment in the spotlight and throws the winning touchdown in the big game!

So there you have it. #RealPrincesses conceived and created by real girls. Kind of puts to rest the idea that the traditional ballgown and tiara-wearing princess is what little girls really want to see, doesn’t it? The ball is in your court, Disney.

(All images via DoSomething.org)