Sammy Nickalls
Updated August 03, 2015 6:02 am

Have you heard Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” yet? It’s only the most kickass, beautiful, send-chills-down-your-spine song of the summer ever. But listen to the lyrics, and you’ll realize that this song isn’t only empowering musically, but lyrically. Like, seriously, check out the chorus:

Yaaaaas. So much awesome self-love and confidence in just a few fabulous lines, and it can apply to any girl or woman who needs it in a time of struggle. That’s exactly why Girl Scouts has been using “Fight Song” as their. . . well, fight song.

Today, Girl Scouts of the USA posted a vid showing Rachel visiting with four rad Girl Scouts in New Jersey to discuss strength, empowerment, and the importance of standing up for yourself.

“There are a lot of people who give you the message that maybe you are not good enough, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to block out all of that noise,” Rachel says in the video. “I wrote ‘Fight Song’ as this declaration to believe in myself and that is similar to what you are taught to believe in Girl Scouts. Building confidence. Building character. And above all else being there for each other as a community.”

Yes, yes, yes. It’s so wonderful to see a celeb with so much influence using her power for good: to lift up girls and remind them that they’re strong, important, and amazing. But that’s not where the video ends. Rachel then performs the song with the girls, and the five of them singing together made our hearts burst.

Check out the video for yourself and be prepared to a) feel empowered, b) reach for the tissues, and c) have this song stuck in your head all day / week / summer / year:

(Images via YouTube)