Kathryn Lindsay
Updated May 12, 2015 @ 10:21 am

When you’re a kid, you have a lot of fantasies about your future. Usually, your childhood dreams of being a superhero who can fly and become invisible don’t pan out, but sometimes, you do something amazing. At least, that’s the case with high school quarterback Ben Moser, who promised his mom in 4th grade that one day he’d ask his friend Mary to prom.

Mary Lapkowicz has Down syndrome and the two have shared a special bond for years. From day one, Ben was looking out for Mary, especially when she was having trouble in class. Even their teacher noticed:

While they no longer attend the same school (Mary transferred to where her father taught in sixth grade), they crossed paths again a year ago and Ben still wanted to make good on his promise. He got a bunch of balloons with “Prom?” written on them, and gave them to Mary, who was surprised but happy. She was planning to go with friends, but this made the night all the more special.

The two attended Ben’s prom on Friday at Susquehanna Township High School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The couple’s commitment went viral soon after, but Ben never saw a reason for Mary’s disability to be a barrier for having normal teenage fun.

Ben’s not the only one who saw something special in Mary. Her peers have also spoken out on Reddit to sing her praises:

Lucky Ben for getting such an amazing date!

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