Emma Lord
March 12, 2015 12:22 pm

There is an absurd amount of pressure these days to stage elaborate prom-posals, and every Spring they seem to get even more elaborate and ridiculous than the year before. Honestly, I’ve seen prom-posals with more work put into them than people who are legitimately proposing marriage. Who are these humans? Do they not have any homework or extra-curriculars? I’m not busting all prom-posals, because often they are sweet and well-intentioned, but when you hear stories like this girl who got her boyfriend arrested to ask him to the prom, it starts to seem like this whole thing is genuinely getting out of hand.

The girlfriend who set up the elaborate scheme had her boyfriend arrested during the school day, and took pictures with her cell phone to chronicle the whole affair before putting it on Twitter. It’s true that there isn’t a ton of context here, but we can safely assume that she got an officer in on this and that whatever it was seriously disrupted the school day and probably embarrassed her unsuspecting boyfriend. Also, which part about getting fake arrested is supposed to be romantic? Have prom-posals gotten so elaborate that we’ve just already done everything else?

I think prom-posals are at their core a little bizarre, anyway. When you propose to someone in public, you’re twisting their arm to say yes no matter what, since they don’t want to embarrass you. That, my friends, is how I got asked out by a total stranger to prom my senior year, and had a miserably awkward time. Sure, the boyfriend in these tweeted photos is smiling and seems like a good sport about the whole thing, but I would totally understand if someone in his situation was a hundred percent not OK with this.

Fellow humans, if you feel like you have to come up with an awesome prom-posal to blow all prom-posals out of the water, I wouldn’t waste too much time worrying. If bae genuinely wants to go to prom with you, they’ll say yes no matter how you ask. (But just in case, chocolate and/or baked goods always help.)

(Images from here.)