Kathryn Lindsay
September 09, 2015 3:00 pm

Pretty Little Liars is throwing a lot of changes our way. We already know the newest season, set to come out in January, is set five years in the future from where we left off after the dramatic reveal of  the girls’ tormentor, “A.” But that’s not all that’s changing. I. Marlene King, PLL queen and showrunner, threw us another curveball via Twitter.

A fan asked a question that I’m pretty sure we’ve all thought every now and then: What’s with Aria’s “shh” at the beginning of every episode?

Being a dutiful queen, Marlene answered, and it blew our minds:

A brand new intro?! We haven’t seen a new PLL intro in, well, ever. After six seasons, it probably makes sense to give the show a little update, especially because the old intro won’t be relevant anymore. For starters, all the girls will be older, but most significantly, we know that Alison is no longer in the coffin. The show has shifted in so many ways that it’s time the intro caught up.

Our next questions are obvious: If the intro is changing, how so? Will there be a different theme song? How will the Liars share shushing duties? And will that mean something? I’m getting out of breath. There are so many things to think about and a seemingly endless number of months to think them before the show returns. But, if I know I. Marlene King, the return of the show won’t necessarily mean answers. It just means a whole lot of drama — but we can’t stop watching!

(Image via ABC Family.)