Kathryn Lindsay
May 15, 2015 11:33 am

When something’s abuzz in pop culture, it’s likely you heard about it on Tumblr. At least, I know that’s the case for me. The blogging website makes the sharing, promotion and spreading of ideas happen so fast that sometimes memes can start and end within a day — blink and you’ve missed them. But this ability to expand and grow is what also makes it a perfect platform for promoting positivity, and that’s exactly what they’re doing with their new #PostItForward campaign.

Here’s a statement from the website itself:

This sounds simple, but there are thousands of users on Tumblr. A platform like this does the crucial job of amplifying the voices that may have previously gotten lost in the sea of GIFs. But don’t worry. You can make those too. The campaign has created a special GIF selfie maker, so you can make your own #PostItForward using the signs they’ve provided. You just print ’em out, fill in what you’re posting for, and snap away with your webcam. It’s easy but effective, as all good ideas are.

Already, some great promotions are rolling in. Here’s a message about being true to yourself:

 And here’s a great one about confidence:
Whether you have something you want to post forward, or are in need of a pick-me-up yourself, scrolling through the website is sure to bring a smile with an extra dose of inspiration. In fact, by writing this article, I’m kind of Posting It For The Internet, because when it comes to stuff like this, it’s pretty flippin’ awesome.

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