Anna Gragert
Updated September 02, 2015

The Polaroid cameras that we know and love are getting a modern makeover (complete with some fancy new technology/sorcery).

IFA Berlin (the makers of this iconic device) just declared that the Polaroid Snap will be available later this year. Why is this exciting, you ask? Well, not only can this gadget print out a photo, it can also do so without ink. So basically, it’s a magical camera.

The company behind this magic is known as ZINK. Using Zero Ink printing technology, the brand has designed special paper that already contains various dye crystals. When the paper is put inside the camera, it activates these crystallized colors so that you’re able to bring your captured image to life. Specifically, this means that you no longer need to buy pricey ink cartridges! Now, can we make this happen for all of our computer printers as well?

And for those of you who want images that you can tote around in your wallet, these new cameras are perfect! The printed photos are 2 inches by 3 inches in size, but the best part is that they have adhesive backs! Who doesn’t love a good photo sticker that you can display in your locker, your car, or as a unique form of room decor?

Even if these mini images don’t appeal to you, you can still create larger photographs. The Snap comes with a microSD slot, so any memory card that’s up to 32GB can act as the middleman between you and your more sizable snapshots.

Plus, there’s also a selfie timer and photo booth mode for those who’ve perfected the art of the selfie.

Soon (maybe just in time for the holidays?), you can acquire your very own $99 ink-free camera in red, white, blue, or black. With this device, you can design pictures that speak a thousand words while saving a thousand drops of ink.

[Images via Polaroid and Twitter.]