Christina Wolfgram
Updated July 20, 2015 9:32 am

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Paper Towns hits theaters nationwide on July 24th, but we have been barely containing our excitement for months now. After the incredible sob-fest that was The Fault in Our Stars proved that John Green’s stories are just as enjoyable (and devastating) on-screen as they are on the page, fans of the author have been holding their breath for details about the film adaptation of Paper Towns.

Well, it’s time to let that breath out in a high-pitched squeal because Variety just confirmed that the movie contains one of the most epic cameos ever.

Let me break it down. After Margo Roth Spiegelman (which might be the best fictional name of all time) disappears, her neighbor Quentin gets his friends together for a road trip in an attempt to find her. When they have to stop for gas, it’s a race to refuel, buy snacks, and use the loo. In the movie, this scene is super fast-paced, but not quick enough to miss who is playing the cash station cashier – Ansel. Elgort.

Ansel “Okay? Okay.” Elgort! The cameo is brief, but (I’m guessing) beautiful. Paper Towns director, Jake Schreier said that he wanted to make sure Ansel’s reveal was as amazing as he is.

Let the swooning begin.Jaz Sinclair, who plays Angela, told Variety about watching John Green, Ansel, and Nat Wolff, who all worked on TFIOS together, reunite at a recent screening of the finished movie. She said that their dynamic was hugely different from the set of Paper Towns dynamic, adding that, “They were a little bit more bro-y than we were.”

A tri-bromance between one of our favorite authors and two of our favorite actors? Dreams do come true.

Cannot wait for July 24th. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be re-reading the book as many times as I can this week while imagining what a cute cashier Ansel is going to make.

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