In their latest single, “Perfect,” One Direction describes what it would be like to go on a date with an international pop star. The chorus pretty much sums it up: “If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms/And if you like having secret little rendezvous … Then baby, I’m perfect/Baby, I’m perfect for you.” Basically, these four dudes can’t really commit right now (they’re a little busy), but they’d be ready to hang out on a night — when they aren’t performing to sold out stadiums all over the world.

The boys give a glimpse into what they mean by “causing trouble up in hotel rooms,” in the single’s brand new music video, which shows Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry romping about in New York City’s Intercontinental Hotel. Turns out, “trouble” is less rock star debauchery and more adorable goofing off. The “Perfect” video shows the bandmates chilling out in their own ways, proving that their not just One Direction; they’re a bunch of fun-loving lads craving some down time. Their interpretation of “causing trouble” is so cute …

I mean, Housekeeping might be pretty ticked off about this out of control sheet abuse.

And neighbors might complain about the ruckus caused by this indoor golf tournament.

Fellow guests might wonder if there are ghosts in the walls, thanks to Harry’s hallway dance party.

But indoor recess is so much fun!

Especially in a hotel.

And in a hotel kitchen. Where you can roam free because you are One Direction walking in slow-mo.

Fans are still making connections between “Perfect” and Taylor Swift’s “Style.” Sure, the tracks definitely bear some similarities, especially in overall tone, and it is really fun to think that Harry Styles and Taylor would write, produce, and release songs for billions of people instead of simply texting each other. While I’m not totally convinced that “Perfect” is an homage to Taylor’s track, the music video does use some dreamy imagery that sort of maybe looks like it could have been inspired by “Style.”

Hmmm … I guess I see the resemblance. Do you see connections between “Perfect” and “Style?” Watch the new music video here.

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