Sophia Elias
Updated Jul 31, 2015 @ 1:10 pm

ICYMI, the dudes of One Direction surprised fans by dropping their first single since parting ways with former band mate, Zayn Malik.

Their latest, “Drag Me Down” was announced on Twitter late last night, which seems hardly fair to those 1D fans who had to get up early this morning, but we’re not holding any grudges!

Liam was one of the first to break the news, calling the single a “bit of a surprise!”

As expected, 1D hysteria ensued across the globe, and in just hours, the single surged to number one on Billboard.

True to 1D’s roots, “Drag Me Down” is fitted for radio pop replay, but it is a noticeable departure from the band’s usual sound.

For one, a few of the guitar melodies remind us of The Police (hello “Roxanne”). The guys also seem to be playing with a few electronic elements as well. Like, all that collective clapping that comes before the chorus kinda creates that “DROP THE BASS” anticipation, which is always appreciated . . . especially at live concerts.

Put simply, the song is a step in a more mature direction for the fellas, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Not to mention, we’re also happy to see that both the band and Zayn (who just signed with RCA this week as a solo artist) are moving up and on with their careers in such a positive way.

“Drag Me Down” is set for the guys’ fifth studio album, which is due in November. Give it a taste, below.

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