Kayleigh Roberts
Updated April 20, 2015 9:27 am

It’s been a rough little stretch in One Direction fandom. Directioners had to say goodbye to Zayn Malik, who officially exited the band last month, and that was hard. But good 1D news is on the rise. Louis Tomlinson officially started his own record label (yay!) and today, CapitalFM made a dream we didn’t even realize we’d been dreaming come true with this One Direction/Friends mashup.

Be warned: The video is one of the most adorable things to ever have come out of the great hive mind of the Internet. It’s set to Friends‘ iconic theme song, of course, but full amazing, playful clips of the 1D boys (there’s even some water frolicking, courtesy of their “Live While We’re Young” video, to mirror the fountain scenes in the Friends opening credits). CapitalFM even went the extra mile and matched up a few of the lyrics to shots that look like the guys themselves are singing the theme.

You need to see this now. It’s basically non-optional, must-see viewing.

Of course, there is one member of 1D who is notably absent from this faux-credits sequence. It’s starting to really feel real that Zayn isn’t a member of the band anymore, now that band photos and fun videos are coming out that have not even a hint of his adorable, scruffy bad boy self in them. But, if anything, this video is proof that, even as a foursome, 1D will continue to rule the world and our hearts.