Emma Lord
Updated Mar 10, 2015 @ 2:24 pm

With an album name like Froot, it was anybody’s best guess exactly what the vibe of upcoming tracks from Marina and the Diamonds were going to sound like–but if their recent preview of of the unreleased song “Gold” is any indication, it’s going to be pretty sweet. The electro-pop singer released the song to Teen Vogue in anticipation of her album’s March 16 release, and even though I’ve only listened to it once, it is firmly lodged in my head most likely for the rest of my human life.

The song is chock full of all the Maria and the Diamonds trademarks that got us foot-tapping in the first place, from her unique vocals to the unconventional use of techno-inspired music in the background. The singer emphasizes that this album, though, is less geared toward a pop sound and more of a return to her songwriter roots.

“I wanted this album to symbolize growth, and feeling fully realized as a person and as an artist. Froot is very me. There are some pop moments on there, but it’s more of a very natural thing that came from the songwriting,” she said in a statement to Teen Vogue.

With its uplifting message and catchy melody, “Gold” was a fitting introduction to her transition. You’ll catch her trademark Marina cheekiness when she mentions her “greek Chorus” mid-song, but you’ll also get a genuine sense for the release she felt writing this song, which she says was a result of frustration she was feeling while on tour with Coldplay in 2013.

“Whatever happens, I’ll be okay,” she croons. “Cuz fortune’s running out of my veins, my veins, you can’t take away.”

Only six more days until the rest of the album is released. In the meantime, I will be jamming along to this in my own one-woman dance party, unless anybody cares to join me.

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