Kayleigh Roberts
Updated Feb 10, 2015 @ 5:13 pm
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Last month, we put out a call to all Teen Gigglers everywhere, inviting all of our surrogate little sisters to send in their essays, art, articles, videos, and more. We knew the call would be answered, but we never could have imagined the tidal wave of teen love that crashed into our inbox and the amazingly warm fuzzies we’ve been feeling since the floodgates opened.

We’ve been working nonstop with teens and teens-at-heart to get our new section, HelloGiggles Teen, up and running and we’re finally ready to share all of our hard work (and, more importantly, the hard work of our brand new crew of contributors) with you. HelloGiggles Teen will be a place for our young contributors to share all of the amazing thoughts and feelings and ideas. We’ll feature columns about feminism (if you’re a teen with a great essay about the moment you realized you were a feminist, send it our way!), pop culture, technology, love, friendship, school, and more. We’ll be there to connect with you on social media (come say hi on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and look out for us to take over some of HG’s accounts -cough-Snapchat-cough-). We’ll be doing a lot of nail art and sharing a lot of GIFs and recommending books and movies and stuff we love and think you’ll love too.

At this moment, are emotions battling inside of you? Are you feeling so excited to see what HelloGiggles Teen has in store but so bummed that you’re not a part of it yet? Well, let the emotional throw down end: We’re accepting new pitches every single day and we’re dying to hear from you! We received hundreds (and hundreds) of emails after our initial callout and we have a 100% the-more-the-merrier policy when it comes to hearing from even more of you. Email your essays, articles, art, and ideas to teen@hellogiggles.com.

We’re so crazy, over-the-moon excited about this and we can’t wait to hear from even more of you!



Editor, HelloGiggles Teen