Vampire Diaries fans, we’ve been through a lot. When the news broke back in April that Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena on the show, was leaving, it was devastating. But when her final episode aired, we were teased with the possibility of a comeback. Even co-star Ian Somerhalder hinted that she would return to the series, but it’s not to be. Nina spoke to Entertainment Weekly, confirming once and for all that what’s done is done.

“I can’t wait to see what the new season will look like,” she explained. “I’ll be watching. I’m very excited for my friends.” And here’s the kicker: “That chapter is closed, sadly – bittersweet.”

Closed. Over. Done. How could she?!

No, we understand. She’s certainly had a wild ride, which she recounted in a speech at the Teen Choice Awards back in August:

If you really need to get your Dobrev fix, you can catch her in The Final Girls, a self-aware “horror” movie within a movie, starring other awesome ladies like Taissa Farmiga and Alia Shawkat.

The Vampire Diaries returns October 8. It may be missing Dobrev, but we’re sure it will still be awesome!

(Image via The CW.)