Lilian Min
April 15, 2015 11:45 am

Real talk: How many people who go to the gym are actually super stoked to be at the gym, sweating out of their gym clothes in front of a bunch of strangers? No matter how you slice it, going to the gym is still a really self-conscious exercise (pun totally intended). Yeah, you’ll feel totally pumped afterward, but getting yourself through the doors and into that weight room — is it really worth the trouble?

Nike’s new commercial answers resoundingly: Yes. Part of Nike Women’s Better For It campaign, the new ad showcases the inner thoughts of exercising women and well, let’s just say that they’re too familiar. “Non-judgmental” yoga? Easy to say, when I’m the only one struggling to keep my leg even an inch off the ground. Burned out already on a long distance run? At least I ran — wow, literally 1/100000th of the total route. Wearing your raggedly team sports shirt from high school to hide your bloated midsection? Great, Lululemon’s entire modeling catalogue just walked through the door.

These struggles are too. real, but the thing is: Everyone has these thoughts when they’re working out. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the tiny pastel-colored weights (guilty) or tossing kettlebells like they’re filled with air; what you’re wearing and what you’re doing are secondary to the fact that you’re making the effort at all. And, if you stick it through, you will get not just “better” at the things you choose to do, but also for developing that kind of regular work ethic. No, you don’t have to be at the gym every single day for hours at a time to achieve results, but when it comes to keeping your mind and body active, you will indeed be better for it.

Worried about scheduling time to work out at all? Check out our busy girl’s guide to the gym. Yes, starting an exercise regimen is daunting, but you’re not the only one with those fears, and you too have it in you to push past them.