Christina Wolfgram
Updated July 19, 2015 10:07 am

Nick Jonas and Taylor Swift have been friends for over half a decade. They wowed 60,000 fans a few weeks ago when they turned Nick’s hit single “Jealous” into a crazy amazing duet at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. It comes as no surprise, then that Nick totally labels himself as a T-Swift fan.

In a recent interview with E! News, the youngest Jonas bro was asked if he considers himself a Swiftie, and his answer was (pardon this terrible pun) swift. “Of course,” he said with no hesitation. “I mean everybody’s a Swiftie, come on.”

He might as well have finished that statement with a big DUH.

But then something kind of weird happened. The interviewer asked Nick if he would sing a few bars of his favorite Taylor Swift song and he declined. I mean, obviously it’s hard to get put on the spot like that – if I got asked to sing a little bit of my favorite Swift single, I’d probably change my choice every other word (“We are never ever/because now we’ve got bad/nightmare dressed like a daydream …”) and then my head would explode.

However, Nick didn’t refuse to sing his fav number because he loves them all equally, but because he said his choice would be “controversial.” Huh?

He told E! News:

Well, if any of Tay’s exes are still feeling outraged that any of her songs are MAYBE inspired by them, they need to take a chill pill. Rumor has it that “Last Kiss” from the Speak Now album might be about Joe Jonas, but so what if Nick likes a song about a relationship that is way over? Nick is “cool” with Taylor’s exes, but so is she. In fact, Joe attended her New Jersey concert with his girlfriend/T-Swift BFF squad member Gigi Hadid. Sounds like there’s no bad blood there.

Controversial, shmotroversial.

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