Kathryn Lindsay
April 14, 2015 11:04 am

Do you ever have a case of the Mondays…even if it’s the middle of the week? We all sometimes find ourselves venting to our computer screens when we have a bad day, using places like Twitter to talk out our sadness, but we never expect anyone to talk back. Until now, that is.

Cheer Upper is a web-based app that scours Twitter for sad tweets using some super-techy Twitter codes and wisdom. Here’s how it all goes down: You go to their website and click “Cheer Someone Up!” It will then randomly select a sad tweet for you. You get 120 characters to send the user something kind that will hopefully make them feel a little less down in the dumps. The site reviews your tweet, gives you the option to edit it, and then emails you when it’s been posted. It gets sent to the user from the app’s account, so it can be totally anonymous, but you also have the option to include your Twitter handle if you want the person to tweet you back! Random acts of incredible kindness? We love it!  Here are some of the most recent Cheer Upper exchanges:


My heart has already grown three sizes, I swear. But if you’re looking at this and thinking, “Hey, I could actually use some cheering up,” then this app can help you, too! The next time you tweet about having a bad day, just include the hashtag #cheermeup and your tweet will be added to the pool of options for the next kind soul to tweet some love to.

We hear all these horror stories about how bad the Internet can be — and don’t get me wrong! It can be baaaaad. But it can also be a place for people to come together and do good things, too. There’s a movement to make the Internet a better place, so let’s all get on board!

(Image via here.)