Emma Lord
Updated Feb 26, 2015 @ 10:42 am

It’s been so long since the “Whip My Hair” heyday that you might have forgotten that Willow Smith is a music making dynamo, but the Fresh Prince’s daughter is back with a round of new tracks that prove she was well worth the wait. Without much fanfare, she and her brother Jaden have been releasing new tracks from their collaboration with producer Daniel D’artiste, and the results are basically pizza for your ears. The 14-year-old singer/actress writes of the tracks she posted to her Soundcloud account, “Let’s all come together in light, love and harmony through oneness with ourselves and All That Is. Enjoy.”

With tracks as awesome as these, it shouldn’t be too hard. Here is a peek at her new work:

1. Willow Smith, “Vibration”

This song is the new solution for pulling all nighters, terrible traffic, and pretty much any other chronic stressor in your life. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like one with the universe for a few chill seconds, this needs to be on your mix tape library yesterday.

2. Willow Smith, “‘Rta”

Lorde and Imogen Heap had a baby and it is this song. Not only does it showcase some impressive vocals from Willow, it is the daily reminder for self-love that we all need and has a grounded, emotional depth to it that will make you think about it long after the song is over.

3. dylAN, featuring Willow Smith, “11:30pm”

Willow’s voice only makes a background appearance in this song, but even then it sounds like a beautiful ambient gift from outer space. dylAN’s EP “This Is The Album” came out earlier this month, with this song as a fitting first track.

4. Willow Smith, “Easy Easy” (King Krule cover)

Her cover of this song adds a completely different dimension to the original, with a detached, airy kind of teenage angst rather than the original’s more confrontational approach (and her voice is like WHOA).

No word yet on when any of these songs will hit iTunes, but at least we have these clips to tide us over while we wait.

(Image from here.)