Stop everything: This new technology will change your selfie game forever

Confession time: I’m not nuts about taking selfies. Before you ready your pitchforks and selfie sticks for the angry mob, hear me out. Sure, I talk a talk a big game that I think selfies are little shallow and narcissistic, but the truth is that’s all a ruse to cover up the fact that I’m terrible at taking selfies! They always come out blurry and I consistently shoot at an angle that gives me 2 – 4 chins. If you’re a selfie novice like me though, there’s hope. Technology has stepped in to help take some of the guesswork and human error out of selfie-taking.

Even if you’re a selfie pro, you need to keep reading because this news might just change the way the world takes selfies. Elliptic Labs has developed a new technology that is changing the game. Just check out this video and see for yourself:

Basically, the technology will let you take selfies without ever touching your phone. Instead, future selfie-takers will only have to wave at their phones to let them know it’s time to snap the pic. REVOLUTIONARY. Imagine not having to physically push the button for your selfies. It opens up so many new angles and reduces the dreaded visibly-extended-arm aesthetic that is so 2008. Unfortunately, the software isn’t available to download just yet. But, Elliptic Labs is in talks with a number of smartphone companies and confirms that the technology will be available to customers later this year.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait! This tech could just be a great equalizer in the world of selfies. Okay, maybe that’s a grand statement, but it’s still big news for selfie enthusiasts everywhere.

(Image via Shutterstock.)