Kayleigh Roberts
February 11, 2015 3:31 pm

Shailene Woodley’s butt-kicking alter ego Tris might be Divergent, but it’s actually kind of lucky for her that she A.) Had to choose a faction and B.) Chose Dauntless. Why? Because in the new Insurgent trailer, Tris is fighting back. And it looks the raddest.

The Divergent sequel sees Tris once again butting heads against the evil Erudite faction while she attempts to, you know, save everything and everyone (and introduces some new characters from the Amity faction). It also debuts Tris’ shorter hair (which is actually book-accurate, not just a write-in to save Shai from wearing wigs upon wigs upon wigs) and catches us up on where some of our beloved faves from the first book end up as the faction friction really rages.

Overall, the new Insurgent trailer probably raised as many questions as it answered, but it also definitely sent me on a feelings roller coaster. Come along with me for all the thoughts I had while watching this trailer again, and again, and again, and oh yeah again.

Wait: Does that look like Chicago? I definitely heard they filmed this one in Atlanta so it’s Atlanta masquerading as Chicago.

Ooh. This is getting really militant. I guess I knew that was coming, but yikes.

YAY Octavia Spencer. Not even the high-tech gadgetry can overshadow her presence.

Oh hey Shailene Woodley in a wig. Luckily, Shailene’s pre-TFiOS hair is probably the easiest thing to recreate in a wig ever. And there goes the hair. Hello, pixie cut. It’s so serendipitous that Insurgent actually called for her to cut all of her hair off.

I love how every time there’s a really depressing war-time image (like that tank running over the fence), they throw in a picture of someone I love to distract me. Octavia AND Miles Teller this time. 

In other Miles Teller news, I hope his face is ok.

Was Tris that good at fighting in the last movie? Honestly, I don’t even care. I’m just excited to see her kick major bad guy butt in this one.

Uh oh, Ansel Elgort is looking villainous. But also suave. I’ll take it.

OMG TRIS BURSTING THROUGH THAT GLASS. My heart is pounding. I love everything about this. Is it real or another simulation? Does it matter when it looks that cool?

March 20 feels really, really far away. I came down from that high really fast. This is the roller coaster part of the emotions.

Kate Winslet sounds kind of weird when she says “Kill them both,” right? Is that just me? I’m trying to hold out and see the movie first, but now I might need to go read Insurgent to see if that’s a character thing.

Whoa: That’s a lot of guns. Annnnd my heart is racing again.

Four says, “It’s time we fight back.” That seems totally legitimate with the slew of battle clips. Helmet guys. Gunfire. Running in hallways. I CAN’T KEEP UP.

Again with Ansel looking suave and evil. Is this the only scene of his they’ve edited?

He IS asking Tris to rescue “what little civilization” they have left though, so at least he’s well-intentioned evil. Be the Mockingjay. Wait, wrong series.

Everything is exploding. Time is slowing down a la The Matrix and Tris is just killing it.

Just when everything is looking oh-so-dire and serious, Miles Teller comes in with a little comic relief and pitch perfect delivery to lighten the mood. “No pressure.” He was the WORST person in the first movie and I still can’t help but love him.

Uh oh, sexy time with Tris and Four. Looks like Insurgent plans to earn its PG-13 rating.

And Tris just punched through an entire floor of a building. Logic tells me this has to be part of a simulation, but again I just don’t care. It’s awesome either way.

Tris grasping all romantic-Hollywood-couple at Four’s face and asking if he’s real confirms my suspicion that a lot of the movie isn’t.

February 25! That’s sooner than March 20. At least I can count down to buying tickets and make the wait feel shorter.

Images via Lionsgate.